NIU UQi GT electric scooter / STANDART range / battery 48V 31Ah / MATTE BLACK/ 45 km/h

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SKU: NIU0011
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 Est. range Recharge 
STANDART range  55 - 75 km 7 h
EXTENDED range 70 - 95 km 9 h

The UQi GT takes the popular UQi platform and fills it full of more powerful technology, resulting in a longer range, a more powerful motor, and a higher speed. By using the NIU app, riders can track their mopeds status, get alerts when unauthorized movement is detected, and be notified when an error occurs.

The UQi GT is lighter than most electric mopeds, making it perfectly suited to city riding. Easy to manoeuvre and powered by a BOSCH 1500W motor, the UQi GT Pro is fun and easy to use. The UQi GT is popular amongst new riders and makes the perfect accessory for campervan and motor home users thanks to its small profile and lightweight design.


The NIU Cloud ECU has been upgraded to our next generation version 3.0 telematics controller. As the brain of the vehicle, it monitors, collects and analyzes vehicle information dozens of times per minute. This lets you remotely monitor the vehicle diagnostics and GPS anti-theft system. Plus, its OTA features allows you to wirelessly upgrade your scooter’s software without having to bring it into a service station.