NIU NQi SPORT/ EXTENDED range / battery 60V 35Ah / MATTE GREY 45 km/h

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The NQi Sport can offer you 50 - 80 km of range on a single charge. This is not just a scooter, it's your new urban exploration vehicle. The scooters from the NQi Series offer the highest speed in comparison with other NIU models. 

A connected scooter

The N-Sport has a computer on-board that is constantly communicating with the 'cloud' so you can receive real-time data on your mobile phone for basics like anti-theft alerts, daily riding habits, diagnostics and navigation to the nearest service station. 

The battery

The vehicle battery uses the latest Panasonic lithium-ion technology. It has a two-year warranty. The battery weighs only 10 kg, so you can move it as easily as possible to charge it at home or in the office. The battery can be fully charged in 6 hours.

The NQi Sport is available with 3 types of batteries:

60V / 26Ah battery 50-60 km

60V / 29Ah battery 60-70 km

60V / 35Ah battery 70-80 km

The NIU app

The NIU APP provides real-time visibility on the status of your NQi Series. Your scooter may be out of sight, but you can have a peace of mind that it's safe with our anti-theft tracking feature. You can access the user manual with a few swipes of the app and that is just the beginning.


Main features

 Top speed 45 km/h
 Rated power 1500 W
 Max.range 50-80 km
 Battery weight 10 kg
 Gradeability 14 degrees
 Battery 60 V / 29 Ah
 Charging time 6 h
 Size 1780 x 690 x 1149 mm
 Scooter weight 80.8 kg


Equipped with

Real-time GPS, anti-theft alarm, real-time diagnostics, 29 Ah battery pack, LED headlight, retractable footrests, 220 mm front disc break, 180 mm rear disc break, electronic breaking system, LCD dashboard. 
It moves without hardly making any sound and is environmentally friendly.