NIU NQi GTs /standart range/ battery 2*60V 25Ah / BLACK WITH RED STRIPES

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The NQi GTs Pro is a  high quality electric scooter with the latest technologies and design. This model is a special version of the NQi Series designed for speed. With the top speed of the vehicle being 70 km/h, it is one of the fastest NIU scooters available on the market. The scooter has a powerful 3000 W Bosch electric motor that is optimized to provide instant torque for exceptionally fast acceleration. The scooter offers 3 driving modes: Sport, Dynamic and E-Save. When using E-Save mode, the driving range can be extended to 150 km.

The battery

The NIU NQi GTs pro is provided with two removable Lithium batteries of 35 Ah (70 Ah total), type 18650 from Panasonic. The high quality batteries provide a true driving range of 90-120 km while driving 70 km/h. The scooter is provided with a built-in dual battery charger that enables to charge two batteries simultaneously. The batteries can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

Kinetic energy recovery system

NQi GTs Pro has an on-board system that stores the energy expended while braking and then converts it into energy that can be used during acceleration. The energy from braking is returned to the battery, giving you the chance to expand the range. 


Main features

Top speed 70 km/h 
 Rated power 3000 W
 Max.range 90-120 km
 Gradeability 28 degrees
 Battery weight 11 kg x 2 
 Max.load 155 kg
 Battery 2100 Wh
 Charging time 3.5 h
 Scooter weight 115 kg
 Scooter size 1780 x 690 x 1220 mm

Equipped with

Front and rear disc breaks, Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), 3 driving modes, NIU mobile application, LED lighting system, LCD dashboard, full bluetooth connectivity.