NIU MQi+ SPORT/ STANDART range / battery 48V 31Ah / RED 45km/h

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Est. range Recharge 
STANDART range  60 - 75 km7 h 
EXTENDED range  75 - 100 km 9 h


The MQi+ Sport combines modern style with smart design and now has space for two riders. The intelligent LCD dashboard and easy-to-use controls make the NIU MQi+ Sport ideal for your everyday urban commute. The MQi+ uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and analyse over 200 different vehicle diagnostics every minute. This scooter gives you a range of 120 km. Front and rear disc brakes provide a safe riding experience throughout your journey. 1200 W motor enables a natural and smooth acceleration from 0 to 45 km/h. All of your scooter's information is one tap away on your NIU App.

Energy recovery system

Our electronic braking system recycles up to 6 % of the energy generated after braking back into the battery pack, which effectively extends your cruising range, meaning more time on the road.

For your comfort

It's the small details that make your riding more comfortable. The retractable footrests can be easily deployed for added comfort. To carry your belongings you can use the storage box and the hook. The embedded side light will provide extra safety on the road. 

The battery

The battery comes with a 2 year warranty, a 5 year life cycle and is environmentally friendly. NIU energy batteries uses 18650 Lithium-ion battery cell technology and is equipped with a LED battery level indicator. The removable battery allows you to charge your scooter any time and anywhere with access to a power outlet. 


Main features

Top speed  45 km/h
 Rated power 1200 W
 Ground clearance 126 mm
 Battery weight 8.1 kg
 Max.weight 100 kg
 STANDART range Battery 48 V / 31 Ah
 EXTENDED range Battery 48 V / 42 Ah
 Size 1640 x 657 x 1099 mm
 Scooter weight 57.7 kg

Equipped with

A hook and storage box, retractable footrests, safety side light, 126 mm ground clearance, cruise control, removable battery, LED battery level indicator, 360 degree lighting system, LED headlight, vehicle locator, custom tail lamp, GPS system.

Look good and ride in comfort with the new M+Sport!