NIU MQi GT / STANDART range / battery 2*48V 31Ah / GREY 79km/h

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New for 2021, MQi GT is a new addition to the MQi series. With a durable and large frame, the MQi GT provides maximum confidence when driving on the road. A combination of 4th Generation Lithium Ion batteries and Bosch Motors ensures fast acceleration off the line, even with a pillion passenger. In addition, the top speed are 70 km/h and a distance of 80 km, which provides the good power for city trips.


With dual batteries capable of simultaneous fast charging from a 3-pin plug, a full charge can be achieved in just 4 and a half hours with the removable batteries. The dashboard is a high contrast LED display which highlights speed, mode, battery charge and more - all at a glance. The large, iconic front headlight offers a wide angle for maximum visibility in all weather.

Energy recovery system

The Electronic Brake System (EBS) provides regenerative power that reasonably returns power to the system during braking. The front and rear disc brakes ensure safe driving. 14-inch wheels provide better traction and handling. The MQi GT can easily cope with a variety of road conditions.


Your comfort

The MQi GT is designed to be used by both driver and passenger. The MQi GT has a 30% longer seat than the NQi series, integrated footrests and an extra long backrest for passengers.

Managed by app

The NIU app provides a complete set of analyzes. With a few clicks, you can quickly check the status or quickly find your NIU in real time. The app alerts you to unauthorized movement via text, full GPS tracking, and diagnostics of various problems.

Driving modes:

E-SAVE - drives further distances with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

DYNAMIC - the ideal city cruise mode with a maximum speed of 55 km/h.

SPORT - immediate acceleration with a maximum speed of 70 km/h.


Max.speed70 km/h
Motor power3000 W
Battery weight11 kg x 2
Battery48 V / 31 Ah x 2
Charging time4,5 h
Tire size14 inches
Scooter size1949 x 700 x 1171 mm
Scooter weight115 kg